Our mission is to create a perfect match so the client and employee can perform optimally. Thanks to our ‘personal touch’, we create long-term relationships that lead to mutual growth.

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Konekta Services B.V. contributes to a better future for people and the environment. To us, corporate sustainability means a combination of environmental awareness, making optimal use of people’s strengths and contribute to the stability of our society.


Respect, care and growth are our key values. In our multicultural organization, we attach to the personal development of our employees. We arrange appropriate housing and good language classes. We also support our employees intensively during their work and we guide the integration and social development process.


Our goal is to integrate the care for the environment into our entire business process. For example: conscious working with energy, waste separation, recycling and responsible transport policy.


When purchasing products, we pay attention to the working conditions under which products and materials are made. We also sponsor social organizations and campaigns such as War Child, Green Peace, Fair Trade and Pink Ribbon.